You have a story you are passionate about, that you need to get on screen, and you need an Editor...

“A truly gifted Editor and Storyteller”

  • David Barbour, Executive Producer


They need to be a great editor. But also, they need positive energy and enthusiasm to drive your project toward your vision - past obstacles, past setbacks, past the last frame of B Roll, while maintaining humor and compassion.

“Eloquent and Funny”

  • Matt Keygan, Supervising Producer


You need someone who cares about the craft and the business equally. You need an Artist with a Stopwatch. And that is me.

“Immaculate shot selection, skillful use of music, strong writing and brilliant comic timing”

  • Belinda Seaman, Senior Producer

I work hard, I work fast, I know how to poach an egg. I’m someone you want to work with.

Matt Dale

Redondo Beach

May 2017